Study Programs

The Maitreya Buddhist Center offers two main series of classes: General Program and Foundation Program.  In addition to our General Program classes, Maitreya Center offers a Foundation Program class, (FP) an intermediate program for those wishing deeper, more systematic study of Dharma texts.

General Program (GP)

Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Center offers a variety of introductory meditation classes throughout Northern Florida. These are often known as “General Program (GP)” classes. They are open to everyone, and are suitable for beginners, as well as experienced meditators. Please see “Weekly Meditation Classes” for more details.

Foundation Program (FP)

Deeper Study: Join Foundation Program

The Foundation Program – You can still be a part of this

Come and experience a class

Class meets most Sundays, 12:00-3:00 pm

This program is open to anyone who has been attending our regular GP classes for a few months and wishes to engage in deeper more consistent study and meditation. We enjoy the benefits of deeper examination and meditation on the meaning and practical application of the teachings, and also the group participation and support. We meet on Sunday afternoons from 12-3pm, and classes are also available online for those who cannot attend all classes in person.(Class breaks during holiday weeks and major Dharma events – check with coordinator for current schedule by email or 904.222.8531)

mtb_frnt_2We are studying Meaningful to Behold, the commentary to Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by Shantideva, which contains the entire path to Enlightenment applied in our daily lives.

Foundation Program students are supporting sponsors of the Center, and after a sample month, make a commitment to finish the book  together and take the written exam.

book_gbwl_frnt_2For those students who wish to study but cannot commit to consistent attendance and taking the exam, this course is available without commitments. For more information, please contact the FP Coordinator, email to, or ask your teacher.

Prospective students may attend a class for free.

This course is currently on break until March 6.