Study Programs

Foundation and Teacher Training Program

Open for new members in the fall, this is a structured program for deeper study and practice of Dharma. We meet most Sunday afternoons, beginning October 15, or other times to be determined, and missed classes can also be made up online. There are certain commitments, such as to take examinations on each section, and to engage in some retreats on the Four Great Preliminary Guides: Refuge and Bodhichitta practice, Purifying Negative Karma and Obstacles, Mandala Offerings and Guru Yoga.  Alternatively, participants can opt to take the course without these commitments, but with the intention to attend regularly.  This is not necessarily a commitment to teach Dharma, but to improve our understanding and practice.

Current plans are to begin study of The New Guide to Dakini Land which requires Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini, or the firm intention to receive the empowerment soon .

More about Tantra and empowerments:

Three opportunities to attain these profound blessings and teachings in the near future:

Brazil  Fall 2017: November 2-11

Booking is now open!

Mexico City Spring  2018 March 29-April 5:

England Summer 2018: NKT International Summer Festival July 27-Aug 11

Please contact the FP coordinator,    for information.